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Why Choose Us?

We are a family owned and operated business that treats our customers like family and have been providing excellent services for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and hands-on service for every job we do. Use only the correct equipment and products to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Help our customers improve the functionality and value of their home through quality commercial and residential drywall to meet their needs and demands at competitive prices. Deliver optimal high standards to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

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Grow as a company, focusing on being leaders in the quality of services, excellence, in order to satisfy the needs and preferences of customers. Patch Express INC continues to hold the correct standards by which other companies in the business are guided.

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Building a property requires keeping in mind a lot of factors to avoid suffering big damages and losses in the future. When we think about building or renewing our properties we have to evaluate the areas that have to be forced with the best structures or systems to avoid investing over and over again.

We deserve a place where we can feel safe and relaxed when we are not at home, we have to be sure when we come back our property will be over there without any issue. For that reason, you have to contract the best company capable to build the safest place or install the best systems for you and yours.

Patch Express INC are extremely committed to providing quiet and security to our customers while doing high-quality and long-lasting projects, inspiring us with their happiness and satisfaction while delivering their property project dreams.

Our Services

We Provide
Drywall/Repair, Metal Framing, Texture Match, Popcorn Scrape, Water Damage


You can trust us with all of your drywall repair needs.From a small hole to a big patch,even those eyesore cracks,we can fix them like they never existed...


Metal framing has some advantages as low construction cost and fast installation. We count on the best brand of metal to guarantee high quality, versatility, and durable results in every structure that we do, ensuring safety for our customers by...


Why remove your popcorn you may ask yourself .Well there are very good reasons to do so. First it collects dust that is basically impossible to clean,which...

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